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Western Mass Furniture Stores

    western mass

  • Western Massachusetts is a loosely defined geographical region of the U.S. state of Massachusetts which contains the Berkshires and the Pioneer Valley.

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western mass furniture stores – Stanley TR150

Stanley TR150 SharpShooter Heavy Duty Staple Gun
Stanley TR150 SharpShooter Heavy Duty Staple Gun
Stanley SharpShooter Staple Gun tr150 Office Tools

The Stanley TR150 SharpShooter Heavy Duty Staple Gun features an easy-squeeze handle that reduces hand fatigue, and an anti-jam mechanism that saves time on the job. The gun’s high-visibility yellow color easy to spot in a toolbox or workshop, and its durable aircraft-aluminum housing withstands the heavy use and abuse that you can dish out. The staple gun delivers high power and deep penetration, and has an easy-slide full-stick staple load for added convenience. This staple guns uses Stanley SharpShooter TRA700 or Arrow T-50 heavy duty staples.

Versatile, durable, and designed to accomplish tasks efficiently.

82% (>5)

Western Mass Waterfall

Western Mass Waterfall
I had to drive out to help a buddy and he gave me some directions that led pass this waterfall. I drove back home, got the camera and went back to take these shots. I found a new fav. But it’s a tad to far from my house

Western Mass, basically

Western Mass, basically
Rt 2 between Holyoke and North Adams is a nice drive

western mass furniture stores

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